What is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is a technique that is used to dislodge the pins inside the lock by repeated striking motions. It is possible with bumping key which is an inexpensive item available online. It allows an instant access to your home without leaving a record of door opening.

This phenomenon is previously used by most of the locksmith to open a cylindrical locks with no prepared key. Now it is gaining popularity among criminals and burglars to enter a certain territory. Bumping a lock is an easy technique without damaging a lock for further used by most locksmiths.

How are locks bumped?

Traditional and cylindrical locks have a safety mechanism that allows lock bumping. A bum key, which is easily available in the market, is inserted into the lock and then bumped with hammer, mallet or any other instrument. To successfully bump a lock all you need is a bump key, a blunt object, and patience to perform the action.

How can you prevent lock bumping?

To prevent the lock bumping is possible with the help of a locksmith Eugene Oregon, he can help you to secure your home. There are the following methods that you need to follow in order to prevent the lock bumping.

  • The first and the simplest way is to modify your existing traditional locks to boost the number of pins in it. This will make the process of lock bumping more difficult and time-consuming. It doesn’t make your lock bump-proof but will improve your home security.
  • Install a high-security lock with a secondary sidebar, which makes the lock bumping more difficult.
  • Add a couple of chain latches to your external doors. It provides an additional barrier for a thief to gain entry into your home.
  • Install bump-resistant locks if you can afford it. These kind of locks are much more expensive and lock bumping won’t work on them.
  • The best way to prevent lock bumping is to install a home security system. It will detect a door opening, you can set alarms, set sensors on the external doors and you can view your entire home from your gadgets in your absence. Security cameras are proved to be the best prevention for the lock bumping.
  • You can also install light commercial grade locks. These locks are least expensive and are bump-proof.
  • Use a double lock mechanism for improved security.
  • Digital door locks are now gaining popularity in many homeowners instead of standard cylindrical locks.
  • Use anti-lock bumping devices if you are low on budget. There are many such kinds of devices available in the market like thumb turn guard. It blocks the turning of the key into the lock.
  • Use keyless deadbolt locks. These kind of locks are now gaining popularity among modern homeowners. The security of these locks is enhanced due to the biometric technology. This is also expensive but you can improve your home security with this technology.

These are some of the prevention tips that you need to follow to improve your home security. You can take help from your area’s lock locksmith about lock bumping.