What is Interior Design? And What They Do

What is interior design? Most people will say that this is combination of three different works, business, creativity, and also technical knowledge. Other people say that this is the combination of art and culture and modernity. Interior designers... Read more →

The Value of Interior Design Internship

Interior design internship is something that most interior design looks for to widen their knowledge in design. Even there are many programs which offer you internship abroad; the qualifications are of course have to meet what international... Read more →

Where to Find Online Interior Design Course

Actually, you can find online interior design course through the internet such as websites or blog. You also can find the course through publication and television as well. Keep doing some research to find the best online course for interior... Read more →

The Secret of Making Interior Design Logos

Interior design logos become a symbol to represent the meaning and a certain project brand. Though it looks so simple, it has more benefits and uses to introduce the project to the public. The logos can be said to be identity of interior design... Read more →
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